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Baby naming & welcoming ceremonies

The Worksop Masonic Hall offer beautiful alternatives to traditional faith-based ceremonies such as a Christening at a church. Families come to us looking for a meaningful way to express their emotions, and to find a way to celebrate a major milestone in their lives. We have so many great ideas to offer; we pride ourselves in making the ceremony personal and unique, but most of all, a ceremony that everyone will remember. Surrounded by family and friends you can affirm your love and commitment to your child here at Worksop Masonic Hall.

Every naming or welcoming ceremony can be a unique and wonderful alternative to a traditional christening or other religious ceremony and offers the flexibility to meet the needs and wishes of the family.

A naming ceremony is an ideal way of celebrating the birth of a new baby or to welcome a child into the family such as a step or adopted child. Many couples feel that it is appropriate to have a special occasion to celebrate the birth of a baby that can be shared with their family and friends. A naming ceremony can easily be adapted to express your love and commitment to older children that have maybe become part of the family through adoption or as stepĀ­ children. This kind of ceremony gives the child freedom to choose their own beliefs when they grow up.

It is also an ideal choice for couples that bring different cultural or religious backgrounds to the partnership. I can help you create a ceremony that will beautifully express and combine both elements as a symbol of how both sets of cultural values or beliefs will play an important part in the development and upbringing of your new little one. It is important to choose music, poems, readings and blessings for these wonderful occasions whilst also incorporating family traditions which reflect personal beliefs and values. If there are other children in the family it can be lovely to directly involve them in the ceremony and make them feel special as well as the new baby.

You can choose other family members or friends to take on important roles in your baby's/child's life and for them to make their own promises too. You can still use the word 'Godparent' for these roles. Others have started to use new terms such as 'Supporter', 'Guardian' or 'Mentor'. You may even have your own choice of words that you'd like to use. You may also wish to add a few elements to recognize your new roles or symbolically welcome your child: designating guardians, lighting candles, or giving gifts making it a real heartfelt ceremony it needs to be.

Additional information

What about godparents?

Instead of godparents, who help guide a child in a Christian life, your child can have 'mentors', 'guide parents' or 'supporting adults'. They just need to say they will be there for your child as they grow up and play a mentoring role.

Is it right for me?

Whether you choose a religious or non-religious naming ceremony, you'll know the right way for your family to introduce a new arrival or addition. With a baby naming ceremony, you can be as formal or informal as you wish.

How long is the ceremony?

Baby naming ceremonies typically last about 20 to 30 minutes and are followed by a family party here at Worksop Masonic Hall.

How many at the ceremony?

Decide how many you want to share your day and write your guest list.

Mentors or Guardian?

Decide which relatives or friends you would like to have a special role in your child's life. Ask them if they would like to be your child's 'mentor' or 'supporting adult.'

Create the Baby Naming Ceremony

Discuss with the Worksop Masonic Hall Celebrant the ceremony you would like and agree the cultural symbols you would like to include ( e.g. a traditional song, poem or piece of prose.). You might like to do any poetry readings or songs and include family or friends to be involved ..

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