A funeral wake serves as a crucial element in the grieving process, fulfilling the need forĀ  support and closure during a difficult time.
Providing a chosen space for the departed’s family and friends to come together, share their memories, offer condolences, and find solace in each others company.
Grief can be isolating, and a wake offers a supportive place to express emotions, celebrate the life of the departed, and seek comfort with and from others.
It’s a meaningful ritual that helps navigate the initial stages of mourning, fostering a sense of unity and understanding while facilitating the healing process.
A funeral wake is a vital tradition that aids in the emotional healing and remembrance of those we have lost.


Celebrating the Life of Someone Special

Worksop Masonic Hall is your ideal location for a funeral wake, however small or large your gathering will be.
Providing a serene and comforting atmosphere where loved ones can gather to remember and honor the departed.
Offering a sense of privacy and solemnity, allowing for quiet reflection and heartfelt conversations. A spacious room with comfortable seating, subdued lighting, and minimalistic decor creating a soothing ambiance.
All your refreshment needs catered for with a full licencsed bar and a choice of a sit down meal, buffet options or a funeral tea to perfectly complement your arrangements.
Our compassionate and attentive staff will greatly contribute to your overall experience, offering support and understanding to you, your family and friends.
Ultimately, we foster a sense of solace, respect, and unity among those who come to pay their respects and say their final farewells.

Celebrating the Life of Someone Special with us.

Choose from one of our buffet package or our funeral tea to suit your needs.

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